The Benefits of a Virtual CIO

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a person in charge of managing a business’s IT and computer systems; they also help to develop plans and ensure that company-wide goals are being met. It is important to note that a CIO is not simply a “Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It”. Some of the most common tasks sourced to a CIO include:

  • Evaluating the efficiency of a company’s disaster recovery options and overall system security
  • Designing a technology plan that also aligns with the company’s business objectives and optimizes productivity
  • Recommends budget modifications for future projects

For small businesses, bringing on an in-house CIO is not always a possibility due to financial or time constraints. It is typical for some of these responsibilities to be sourced to the CEO and/or CFO; however, it doesn’t take long before he or she becomes overwhelmed with service ticket requests, server issues or setting up a desktop for a new employee. One option that is quickly gaining popularity within the small business community is a Virtual CIO. This role assumes all the traditional responsibilities of a CIO, but the task is typically outsourced to a trusted third party.

Getting right to the point, hiring in-house is expensive (we’re talking six figures expensive). The first and most obvious benefit to having a Virtual CIO is that it is a cost-effective alternative for companies that want to receive the benefits of a CIO but without the high overhead. One of the key benefits of outsourcing the responsibilities of a CIO is that you will have access to knowledge and relevant industry expertise, which allows for unique perspectives to help create a technology roadmap for an organization. Acquiring an outside analysis of your company’s systems help give you an objective idea of where there is strength and where there needs to be improvement.

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