Total Technology Management Series: Part I

Does your technology management include IoT devices? IoT devices have become the latest target for hackers. Last year, the Mirai Botnet was responsible for a series of DDoS attacks on some of the Internet’s largest websites including Reddit, Spotify, Twitter and even PayPal. What makes Mirai unique is in how it exploits security weaknesses in IoT devices. It operates by continuously scanning for cameras, phones, Internet routers, etc. that are accessible over the internet and are protected by factory default or hard coded usernames and passwords.

Last week, the Network Security Lab at Qihoo 360 published an article detailing a new, malicious Botnet targeting IoT devices. This new threat has been named the IoT Reaper Botnet and it builds off some of the original code from the Mirai Botnet. However, researchers have discovered Reaper has an alarming key difference: Instead of simply guessing the passwords of IoT devices, Reaper uses knowledge of known security flaws within the code of the devices it infects. According to Check Point Research, once Reaper infects a device, it sends itself out using that very same device.  Check Point estimates that more than a million corporate networks have been infected by Reaper thus far and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.  To date, Reaper has not yet been used to launch any attacks and is focusing on device saturation but the damage potential is expected to significantly dwarf that of Mirai.

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